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O Level Academy

Now your children can prepare for O Level exams at home

50 USD / Monthly


Why Al Nafi Academy?

  • Al Nafi Academy offers the most refined learning experience for school-level and O/A Level students. All of our lectures and sessions are completely online. We make learning simple, flexible, and comfortable for you.
  • Our instructors are highly qualified in their respective subjects and have in-depth knowledge about how to Ace the exams. We take great pride in our teaching methodology, which revolves around practice and repetition. We hold weekly past paper sessions for our students so that they become more familiar with the exam pattern. A rigorous cycle of regular quizzes and assignments ensures that our students are being tested on the highest academic level.
  • Al Nafi Academy offers this and much more, and in return charges an extremely affordable fee. Join now and get on board with one of the premier educational platforms in the world.
Our Instructors

We have more than 25+ skilled & professional Instructors

Parents Review

Mother Of Musfira

We Are Alhamdulillah Satisfies With The Quality And Efforts Of The Teacher; They Are Well Qualified And Capable. Our Child Is 100% Studying On Al Nafi Portal And Nowhere Else And We Are Satisfied And Completely Dependent On Al Nafi. Our Child Used To Be Very Shy But Now She Is Curious And Ask Questions. I Urge Parents To Get Involved With Your Children In Their Studies.

Mother Of M. Faizan

All Teachers Are Very Best At Their Knowledge And Delivery. Our Child Used To Dislike Science Subject, But Now Chemistry Is His Favorite Subject. We Are Eagerly Waiting For Al-Nafi School (Physical) To Start As Soon As Possible. We All Are Praying For Your Success.

Father Of Ibba Kashif

We Shifted To Pakistan From Abroad In 2019 After Long. We Worried About Our Kids' Education Here. The Education System Here In Pakistan Is Very Peculiar With No Focus On Skilled Education. I Admitted My Kids In One School But I Was Not Satisfied. They Did Not Cultivate Skill And Quality In Their Students Either.