Mr. Qaiser Ahmed Raja
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Mr. Farhan Abdul Ghafoor
Mr. Shahzad
Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Khan
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Mr. Rayan ul Kabir
Mr. Sohail Shafique Ghuncha
Mr. Qaiser Ahmed Raja

Mr. Qaiser Ahmed Raja

As a business consultant, his portfolio exceeds £10 million. He offers business consulting, corporate training, life coaching, and NLP sessions. He has been trusted by some prolific organizations including BMW, NHS, and Fire & Rescue UK. He regularly delivers training and lectures for the EU and the British government business projects. He is featured in prominent international media outlets such as FOX, NBC, and CBS. He is known for his exceptionally charming yet approachable personality In addition to coaching and consulting, he is actively engaged with the academic sector in multiple capacities. He has taught Law and Business Management in the Higher Education Sector of the United Kingdom. He has further experience in training management. As a researcher, he undertakes research projects for various disciplines including Law, Business Management, philosophy, and Leadership.

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