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Artificial Intelligence

What is “Intelligence”, What is “Artificial Intelligence”, why we need to learn it, how it’s going to change our lives, work and society? What are the foundations of AI? How do we define it? Why the definition is keep evolving? What are Swarms? Genetic Algorithms, Turing Test and branches of AI? These are the fundamental questions that we will address in this course. If you’re new to AI and wondering what the fuss is all about, take this course and welcome to the world of AI. Read More

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Course Description

For example, IOT (Internet of things) devices push RAW data and based on that data Artificial Intelligence makes the decision as to what those IoT devices should do in real life i.e. speak, hear, jump, sleep, rest so on and so forth whether its robots or otherwise autonomous cars etc. or other emerging technologies.

AI, ML and DL are tightly knotted with each other and are playing a crucial role in our relationship with various technologies and the world itself. AI serve as a baseline knowledge toward advance Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies.

AI Course Contents

  1. Introduction:
    • What is AI?
    • Applications and Examples of AI
    • AI Concepts, Terminology, and Application Areas
    • AI: Issues, Concerns and Ethical Considerations
    • The Future with AI, and AI in Action
  2. Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI):
    • Thinking Humanly, Acting Humanly
    • Thinking Rationally, Acting Rationally,
    • Weak AI, Strong AI.
  3. AI Perception and Human-Computer Interaction
    • Intelligent Agent, Agent environments (Observable Agents, Deterministic, Episodic Static, Discrete)
    • Agent Types: Simple reflex agents, Goal-based Agents, Model-based reflex agents, Utility-based Agents, Learning agents
  4. Classical Search:
    • What is Search? Problem Formulation, Search Space Definition
    • Types of Search Algorithms:
      • Uniformed Search, Breadth First Search (BFS), Depth First Search (DFS), BFS and DFS Comparison
      • Informed Search, Heuristic Function, Greedy Best First Search, A* search, Time and Space complexity
      • Hill Climbing, Time and Space Complexity
  1. Decision & Optimization:
    • Introduction: Game as Search Problems, perfect decisions in two person games
    • Imperfect decision, Minimax algorithm
    • Evaluation functions, Cutting-off search
    • Alpha-Beta pruning, Effectiveness of Alpha-Beta Pruning
  2. Automated Planning
    • Introduction to Knowledge, Knowledge Based Agent, Wumpus World, PEAS
    • Logic, Propositional Logic, Pros and Cons of Propositional Logic.
    • First Order Logic: Syntax and semantics of First Order Logic
    • Using FOL, Atomic/Complex Sentences
  3. Inferential AI
    • Rules of Inference, Proof
    • Resolution Inference Rule, Resolution Proof
    • Forward Chaining Algorithm
    • Backward Chaining Algorithm
  4. Projects

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