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Blockchain Developers

Blockchain is the key technology which is already shaping the way the internet works. It has the potential to create internet 2.0 which can effectively change the way we communicate. The uses cases of blockchain are far and wide. Read More

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Course Description

Its uses cases range from applications in financial industry, transaction processing, regulatory compliance, supply chain management, cyber security, authentication and authorization, asset tracking, IoT , role in the smart cities, document verification, document attestation, pharmaceutical, food chain management, autonomous cars, accountancy, auditing, telecommunication and the whole nine yards.

Course Contents

  1. Blockchain Fundamentals
    • Blockchain Basic
    • Managing Blockchain Transactions
    • Bitcoin Core Testnet
    • Blockchain Data
    • Private Blockchains
    • Digital Assets on Blockchain
    • Project: Create Your Own Private Blockchain
  2. Ethereum Smart Contracts, Tokens and Dapps
    • Ethereum
    • Fundamentals and Development Tools
    • Smart Contracts with Solidity
    • Ethereum Dapp
    • Project: Build Example of Dapp on Ethereum
  3. Blockchain Architecture
    • Planning Blockchain Solutions
    • Privacy
    • Security & Maintenance
    • Distributed File System
    • Project: Ethereum Dapp for Tracking Items through Supply Chain
  4. Dapp with autonomous smart contracts and oracles
    • Multiparty Control And Payments With Smart Contracts
    • Oracles
    • Handling Smart Contract Payments
    • Project: Flight Delay Insurance Dapp
  5. ZK-SNARKs Framework & Implementation

Course Delivery Mode

The training will be delivered online via our portal, which is designed to cater 50 Million Nafi members. The portal has all the key features like:

  • Watching and tracking videos in Urdu and English,
  • Progress monitoring,
  • Attempting quizzes,
  • Submitting assignments,
  • Asking questions from the teachers and mentors
  • Access to flashcards