Al Nafi College of
Emerging Sciences

Empowering the world through Education

Our College Accreditation is under process.
Opening May 2023


Al Nafi College of Emerging Sciences will be a state-of-the-art academic college. It will offer Foundation Degrees and BSc & MSc programs in multiple domains of Emerging Sciences.

Our College will be equipped with all the modern facilities and services to provide you with the optimal learning experience.

About Al Nafi

Al Nafi is an organization with a vision to bring world-class education within the reach of everyone. Our focus lies on Emerging Sciences and their various branches. We also offer Career Consultancy services to our students in the form of Interview preparation, CV guidance, and internship opportunities. Al Nafi aims to catalyze an incubation hub in Pakistan where research and start-up culture can be fostered for the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain, Cyber Security, and other cutting-edge emerging technologies.

Our Instructors

We have a team of 25+ skilled and professional Instructors


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