Digital Forensics and Incident Response Management (DFIRM)

Expected Starting Date

October 2019


Python, CISSP, Linux, Nmap, wireshark, bash

Course Description

Digital Forensics and Incident Response Management is the need of the hour for Pakistan. This course is designed with the cumulative experience of Al Nafi Founders where they have been managing security and network ops management centers and working as Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and Chief Security Officers (CSO) within FTSE 100 organizations in North America and EU. Their cumulative experience reflects the design and deployment of this course which will target all the key areas as they relate to:

  • ISO Standards as they relate to forensics
  • ISO Forensics Governance Standards
  • IT Forensics Proprietary tool kits like FTK and EnCase
  • Various Open Source Tools
  • Malware Analysis
  • Smart Phones and Tablets Forensics
  • Threat Hunting
  • Threat Detection
  • Forensics and Incident Response relationship
  • OS and iOS Forensics
  • Memory Forensics
  • Network Forensics
  • Threat Intelligence

Please note that students will be required to clock in 30-40 hours with FTK and EnCase software as we will acquire these tools and will made them available to our Nafi members. The members have to book their allocated time for performing these labs at our dedicated labs.

Target audience

This course is designed for Nafi Members from the age of 16 and till professionals. Nafi members are required to attend our Python Course, Linux, Bash and Jatt Python to be ready for this course. This course is the most comprehensive course and having fulfilled the above pre-requisites will allow our members to be ready for the next level challenges. Those members who would like to work within Police, FIA, FBR and Armed Forces, this is the ideal course for them. It also open door to work at Private investigations firms, Banks, Financial Institutes, telecommunications, security and network operations center and any major organization where cybercrime can impact the operations significantly.

Career Path

The career path after this course can be working as:

  • Future Forensics detectives
  • Offensive Hackers
  • IT security-related practitioners
  • IT auditors working at Big 4 firms
  • Digital Forensics analysts
  • Penetration testers
  • Security Engineers
  • Incident Reponses analysts.
  • Telco and Internet service Provider Engineers
  • Security and Network Ops staff


Urdu & English

Course Delivery Mode

The training will be delivered online via our portal, which is designed to cater 50 Million Nafi members. The portal has all the key features like:

  • Watching and tracking videos in Urdu and English,
  • Progress monitoring,
  • Attempting quizzes,
  • Submitting assignments
  • Asking questions from the teachers and mentors
  • Access to flashcards,
  • Taking notes and much more