Overview of Our Internship Program

At Al Nafi, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey. To empower our students and help them gain hands-on experience, we offer a comprehensive Internship Program. This program is designed to provide eligible learners with valuable insights and practical training opportunities, equipping them for a successful career in their chosen fields.

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Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for our Internship Program, students must meet the following requirements

Enrollment in Diploma Programs

Students who are currently enrolled in our diploma programs, including EduQual-endorsed diplomas, are eligible to apply. We offer a wide range of programs, from Cyber Security to DevOps, providing you with a diverse learning experience.

Expired Membership

For learners with an expired membership, we have great news! We're extending access to the Internship Program for three months, from July to September 2023. You'll have the opportunity to benefit from

  • Live classes within the Internship program.
  • An Emotional Intelligence course.
  • A course on Internship Program policies and procedures.
  • HR training.
  • Access to a portion of EduQual examination Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Note: This offer is exclusively available to students who have completed CODS, CAT/WAT, Blockchain, DevOps, or any diploma program.

Legacy Students

Legacy students, defined as those whose membership expired between January 2019 and May 2023, are also eligible if they have not enrolled in any diploma program for up to three months. Legacy students encompass individuals who have registered for non-accredited programs, such as CODS, CAT, WAT, and other similar programs. If you're uncertain about your eligibility, our support team is here to assist you.

Completed Full Advancement Track/Diploma

Learners with an expired membership who have previously completed a full Advancement Track or Diploma Program are eligible for

  • Access to content within the Internship Program.
  • Participation in the Internship Program without additional fees.

If you meet these criteria and haven't been contacted, please email us at [email protected] with your queries.

Duration of the Internship

The Al Nafi Internship is a unique opportunity that can last for a minimum of 3 months or as long as your membership remains active. Please note that this is an unpaid internship, focusing on skill development and real-world experience.

Nature of the Internship

While our internship doesn't offer financial compensation, it opens doors to various career opportunities. Interns have the chance to apply for full-time or part-time positions within our company or elsewhere globally through our Al Razzaq Program.

Is the Internship Physical or Remote?

Our Internship Program is designed to be conducted virtually and remotely, enabling students from anywhere in the world to participate. Interns will act as silent observers, gaining valuable insights into their chosen fields.

Participating in the Internship Program

During the Internship Program, students can

  • Live classes within the Internship program.
  • An Emotional Intelligence course.
  • A course on Internship Program policies and procedures.
  • HR training.
  • Access to a portion of EduQual examination Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

Students will also have the opportunity to interact with trainers through their respective diploma or certificate community, enhancing their learning experience.

Applying, Selecting, and Completing the Internship Program

Here's a step-by-step guide to participating in our Internship Program

  1. 1

    Visit Al Nafi's internship page

    To apply for the internship program, register through page

  2. 2

    Provide Necessary Information

    Students will need to provide all required information to ensure eligibility for the program.

  3. 3

    Verification by the DataOps Operation Center

    To maintain the integrity of the program, the DataOps Operation Center will verify the information provided by the applicant. If the applicant is found not to be a registered student, their details will be forwarded to the Sales Operations Center.

  4. 4

    Check Track/Diploma Progress

    The Academic Operations Center will verify that internship participants have the necessary qualifications. Learners will receive assessments and courses to enhance their skills.

  5. 5

    Completion of Internship

    Upon successfully completing the coursework and associated assessments in the Internship Program, interns will be encouraged to pay the necessary fee and take the EduQual exam. While the internship letter will be issued, registering for the EduQual exam is not a prerequisite for receiving the internship letter. Passing the EduQual Level 5 and above exam is highly recommended as it qualifies interns for the Al Razzaq Program.

Resume and Internship Experience Letter Application

Once learners have completed all the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in the Internship Program, including those in the Emotional Intelligence course, our Academic Operations Center (AOC) will assist learners in enhancing their resumes and obtaining the Internship Experience Letter.

To apply for resume development, send us an email at [email protected]

Employment Opportunities

Upon completing the internship, participants who have enrolled in EduQual Level 5 and Level 6 diploma programs will be offered job application assistance through our Al Razzaq program. This opens doors to employment opportunities within Fortune 500 companies and international corporations, both on-site and remotely, on a full-time or part-time basis, or on contractual assignments.

Benefits of Al Nafi Internship

Our internship offers numerous benefits to all students, including


The opportunity to work with Al Nafi, your training company.


Practical experience on real-world projects in various languages.


Access to containerized labs for hands-on experience.


An Internship Experience Letter from Al Nafi upon completion.


Employment opportunities based on your studies and internship experience.


Eligibility for the Al Razzaq Program after passing EduQual Level 5 and above exams.

Internship Program Structure

The Al Nafi Internship Program is structured to provide interns with valuable learning experiences and practical training, encompassing two main components

On-the-Job Training

The heart of our internship program lies in the on-the-job training. Interns will receive detailed job descriptions for specific roles, enabling them to gain hands-on experience and make meaningful contributions. Participation in live classes and labs fosters a deep understanding of the projects.

Interview Preparation

Our comprehensive interview preparation equips learners with essential skills to excel in job selection processes. This preparation includes guidance on resume writing, interview tips, professional etiquette, and more.

Training Pathways and Prerequisites

To ensure a structured and comprehensive training experience, the Al Nafi Internship Program follows specific training pathways

Level 3 Diploma: Foundational Training

All interns begin their training with the Level 3 Diploma, providing foundational knowledge and skills. This diploma acts as a prerequisite for higher levels, and Level 3 learners can engage in projects related to the cloud cyber security diploma program only.

Progression through Levels 4, 5, 6, and 7
Internship Project Prerequisites
Enhancing and Cultivating Overall Growth and Development
Building from Scratch Approach
Communication Skills Training
Emotional Quotient Training
Consulting Approach in the Internship Program
Trainers and Live Classes
ERPNext Software Integration

We are implementing ERPNext software to enhance the management of our internship program. With its comprehensive features, the software will improve efficiency, communication, and data management, optimizing the program for both interns and coordinators.

Utilizing ERPNext for Internship Program Management

The internship program will utilize ERPNext software to effectively manage intern data, project assignments, training records, and progress tracking. This integrated system ensures centralized management, efficient communication, and collaboration among program stakeholders.

Tracking Students and Assigned Projects

The ERPNext software enables program coordinators, trainers, and mentors to efficiently track the progress of assigned projects and evaluate performance. This tracking mechanism ensures effective management, evaluation, and reporting of activities and achievements.

Augmentation Program and EduQual Exam (Al Razzaq Program)

In addition to our internship program, we provide an augmentation program for interns registered in EduQual Level 5 & 6 diplomas. This program aims to enhance professional development and acknowledge interns who display outstanding expertise and abilities in their fields.


Eligibility for the Augmentation Program

Interns who pass the EduQual exam of Level 5 & above after clearing the internship coursework and assessments can join the augmentation program. This program offers additional professional growth opportunities beyond the internship.

Recommendations for Fortune 500 and Global Job Applications

Our company will offer recommendations to interns when they apply for jobs at Fortune 500 companies, recognizing their achievements and skills gained during our internship program. These recommendations will serve as valuable endorsements, showcasing their capabilities and successful completion of our rigorous program.

Job Guidelines for the First 30, 60, and 90 Days

To support interns during their initial months in the company, we provide clear job guidelines to ensure a smooth transition and help them become productive members of our team.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Interns will receive detailed job guidelines to ensure a smooth transition into their roles. These guidelines provide a clear understanding of their responsibilities, expectations, and deliverables during the first 30, 60, and 90 days of their internship.

Clear Expectations and Onboarding Support

By setting clear expectations and providing comprehensive onboarding support, interns will have a solid foundation for their work. The job guidelines will include information on key tasks, project milestones, training resources, mentorship opportunities, and performance evaluation processes. This will enable interns to align their efforts with organizational objectives, foster their professional growth, and contribute to the company's success.


Interns who are eligible for the Al Razzaq program will agree to maintain the confidentiality of any confidential or proprietary information they may have access to during the internship program. This includes but is not limited to customer data, business plans, and financial information.


This policy does not create a contractual obligation on behalf of Al Nafi to provide employment opportunities to the intern after the completion of the internship program. The internship program is an opportunity for the intern to gain valuable experience and skills, but it does not guarantee future employment with the company.


Al Nafi reserves the right to terminate an intern's participation in the Al Razzaq program at any time if they fail to meet the responsibilities outlined in this policy or engage in behavior deemed inappropriate by the company.


This policy may be amended from time to time by Al Nafi as necessary. Any changes will be communicated to the interns in a timely and appropriate manner.

Join the Al Nafi Internship Program today and embark on a journey of learning, growth, and career development. We're committed to shaping your future and providing you with valuable skills and experience.

For inquiries and further details, please contact us at [email protected]