Giveaway Program

A brilliant opportunity for you to study & work in the UK

Power your dreams now We have launched our Grand Giveaway Program through which everyone has a chance to win a full-blown career pathway, from our Advancement Tracks to a scholarship at Al Nafi College of Emerging Sciences in the UK.
Steps to enter the giveaway program:

Comment and tag 3 of your friends under our social media post.


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Step-by-Step Rewards
Access to DevOps Advancement Track for 3 months

Complete access to our learning content and AWS Cloud Labs

Virtual Internship

Gain hands-on working experience. You will be rewarded based on your performance in the first 3 months.

Full-time or Part-time Job opportunity at Al Nafi

Based on your performance in the internship, you will be offered a paid position in the domain of your choice.

University Scholarship and Sponsorship at Al Nafi College of Emerging Sciences

Scholarships of up to 3,6,9, and 12 months at the Al Nafi College of Emerging Sciences & a chance to get financially sponsored by us. This will be awarded based on a holistic analysis of your overall student and employee profiles.

Terms and Conditions of the Giveaway Program


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