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Introduction to Corona Virus

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Course Description

This is an introductory course for Novel Corona Virus (COVID19) for masses. Audience will learn:

  1. What is Corona virus, its background and basic terminologies?
  2. How Pakistan can fight this epidemic?
  3. Pakistan’s health infrastructure
  4. What public and government can do to stop the spread?
  5. What scholars can do?
  6. What technology can do?
  7. What families can do?
  8. Pakistan’s strategic stockpile
  9. WHO and CDC recommendations
  10. Changing employment patterns and secondary professions
  11. Economic impact
  12. Geometry of shocks
  13. U-Shape, V-Shape and L-Shape Curves
  14. Stimulus packages
  15. Winners and losers of Covid19
  16. Chain of infections and how to stop it
  17. Fake news
  18. What you can do to help


Courses will be delivered in various languages as per the region of the Nafi Member.