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Commitment to Honesty in Business

At the core of the Al Razzaq Program is a commitment to honesty, justice, and fraternity in all business dealings. Rooted in Islamic teachings, our program condemns deceit and exploitation, emphasizing ethical conduct across personal, commercial, political, and social interactions.

Commitment to Honesty in Business

Subscription and Course Requirements

To join the Al Razzaq Program, acquire an annual subscription for diploma programs or diploma + specializations approved by the Institute.

Learners in alternative payment plans (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly) gain eligibility upon full payment.
Monthly Bundle
Monthly Bundle

Eligibility granted after 12 consecutive months of payment.

Quarterly Bundle
Quarterly Bundle

Eligibility attained after completing fees for four consecutive quarters.

Half-Yearly Bundle
Half-Yearly Bundle

Eligibility achieved after two consecutive half-year terms.

Program Completion Timeline

Complete all program requirements within eighteen (18) months from enrollment for eligibility in the Al Razzaq Job Hunting and Assistance Program.

Program Completion Timeline
LinkedIn Course Attendance

Attend a minimum of ten (10) LinkedIn classes within twelve (12) months from enrollment as part of the curriculum.

Additional Program Completion Requirements

Communication Course: Mandatory completion within the first month, including attendance in live classes.

  1. 1

    Complete and submit 250 business lab exercises within 18 months.

  2. 2
    Git Account Updates

    Regular updates of completed Labs.

  3. 3
    LinkedIn Article Requirement

    Publish a minimum of 24 articles on LinkedIn detailing the educational journey and promoting Al Nafi.

  4. 4
    Al Nafi Affiliate Registration and Promotion

    Active promotion of LinkedIn blogs, aiming for 1000 unique visitors within 1 year. Affiliates earn 5% on successful purchases.

  5. 5
    Digital Portfolio

    Create a digital portfolio with at least 100 lab articles reflecting your professional journey.

Employment Opportunities

Al Nafi is committed to making reasonable efforts to secure employment for students post-completion. Employment details will be determined by Al Nafi Senior Management.

Resume Preparation and Interview Assistance

Receive comprehensive resume preparation and personalized interview assistance from Al Nafi, with ongoing support for 30, 60, and 90 days post-employment.

Resume Preparation and Interview Assistance

Criminal Background Checks and Visa Consultancy Services

Criminal background checks conducted pre-job placement. Al Nafi offers comprehensive visa consultancy services for student and immigration visa applications.

Criminal Background Checks and Visa Consultancy Services

Requirement Updates and Management Decisions

The Company reserves the right to periodically update program requirements. Management has discretion in job placement and role assignments based on student qualifications and program performance.

Requirement Updates and Management Decisions

Key Features

Students passing EduQual exams of diplomas or diplomas + specializations will be able to avail the benefits of Al Razzaq Program.

Job Placement
Interview Preparation - Recorded videos
Live 1-on-1 Interview Prep
Job Assistance in your first 30, 60, & 90 days
Assistance in Universities Admission around the world