Python plays a central role in what Al Nafi will teach as it opens doors for our members to pursue any Micro Masters or professional certificate they would like to pursue once they complete the program with us. Down the line we will offer BSc and MSc programs in respective fields once we are able to hit out milestones of having 1 Million Nafi members.

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Target Audience

The Python course is intended for anyone who would like to pursue a career in Machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, cybersecurity, offensive security etc. Our Founder Muhammad Faisal highly recommends that we pursue Python as a language of choice to start a digital revolution. The course is designed in such a way that Grade 5 students till professional can take the course and build their skill set to be prepared for the next generation.

Course Delivery Mode

The training will be delivered online via our portal, which is designed to cater 50 Million Nafi members. The portal has all the key features like:

  • Watching and tracking videos
  • Progress monitoring,
  • Attempting quizzes,
  • Submitting assignments,
  • Asking questions from the teachers and mentors

Release Date

LevelPythonCourse Availability Date
L1Python PrimerAvailable
L2Python AlphaAvailable
L3Python BetaAvailable
L4Python Projects30th March 2020
L5Python Best Practices30th August 2020
L6Python and CryptographyTBA
L7Jutt Python or Offensive Python30th October 2020