DevOps Specialization Track

DevOps is a set of practices combining software development (Dev) with IT operations (Ops). DevOps Is The Most In-Demand And The Most-Recruited Role In Digitally-Enabled IT companies around the world.

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A Highly Specialized Package that includes

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Worldwide Job ready

Our courses and tracks make you competent enough to work anywhere in the world with ease.



Immigrate to the UK via admission into Al Nafi College of Emerging Sciences for your BSc and MSc degrees.


Hand-on experience in labs with real-world scenarios

Our Ghanimah cloud labs provide you with the hands-on experience required to work in the industry. This is what makes you extremely valuable in the eyes of the top firms in the world.


Live Session

Live online webinars with our CEO Mr. Muhammad Faisal to answer all of your questions about our courses and the job industry


Interview Preparation

Detailed interview preparation sessions with our CEO Mr. Muhammad Faisal to maximize your chances of securing a job.


Resume Preparation

We will tailor your resume to match the needs of the employer so that you are the best available candidate for the job.



We provide internship opportunities to our students in their relative fields to gain hands-on experience.

Our Instructors

We have more than 25+ skilled & professional Instructors

About This Course

DevOps aims to shorten the development life cycles of the systems while delivering high quality software continuously. Many aspects of DevOps have been derived from the Agile methodology and are an entirely separate discipline of Information Technology. Looking at industrial research, DevOps professionals and engineers will be in demand in the near future. Therefore, it is high time to develop skills and expertise in this field. Thus, taking Our DevOps advancement track can prove to be quite beneficial for you in this regard. For simplicity, we have divided this course into various components to make the learning process easier. With this course, you will be able to polish your existing IT skills and develop new ones in DevOps.

Why Study DevOps Specialization Track

DevOps Is The Most In-Demand And The Most-Recruited Role In Digitally-Enabled IT Companies Around The World. We at Al-Nafi understand the importance and impact of DevOps in the IT sector. Therefore, we have prepared the advancement track on DevOps that will enable you to learn about the DevOps methodology from scratch.


Educational background from any discipline. You should be able to browse the internet and be able to use Google Translator to translate articles into your native language.



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