Diploma in SysOps & Cloud Advancement (EduQual Level 4)

The world of technology is constantly advancing, and the demand for cloud computing is rising. Individuals must upgrade themselves with relevant expertise in this field with a major shift towards cloud-based infrastructure. Al-Nafi's Diploma in SysOps and Cloud is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of cloud computing and the necessary skills to excel in this domain.

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Our Instructors : Kazim Shaikh, Mohammad Faisal
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About This Course

The course is specifically geared towards students who want to build their expertise in cloud computing and enhance their skills in system operations. Throughout the course, students will learn to design, deploy, and manage complex cloud infrastructures, and will develop their knowledge in areas such as networking, storage, and security. Some of the key topics covered in the SysOps and Cloud Advancement course include cloud architecture, virtualization, performance tuning, data backup and recovery, and automation. Students will be equipped with practical knowledge in implementing these technologies and will have access to various cloud services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Upon successful completion of the course, students will have a thorough understanding of cloud infrastructure services, and will be able to manage large-scale cloud infrastructures and troubleshoot complex problems. Graduates from the SysOps and Cloud Advancement course are in high demand, with opportunities ranging from cloud administrator to cloud architect. Overall, the SysOps and Cloud Advancement course provides individuals with a solid foundation in cloud computing and system operations, allowing them to develop the skills necessary to succeed in this rapidly growing field.

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What You Will Learn
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Storage Services, EC2 instances, and Auto-scaling: Students will learn to deploy and manage these services in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, providing them with hands-on experience in managing Cloud infrastructure.
  • Disaster Recovery planning, Domain registration, and Content Delivery Networks using Cloud Front: This knowledge is necessary for students to learn to plan and execute recovery procedures in case of a disaster. Additionally, the course covers the configuration and deployment of Cloud Front, which enables students to deliver their content securely and improve the end-user experience.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Using Cloud Formation, students will learn to automate infrastructure deployment, making the process faster and more reliable. Along with this, Messaging and queuing with Simple Queue Service (SQS) is also a crucial component covered in the course.
  • The course also covers auditing using Cloud Trail, VPN connectivity, and on-premises Active Directory (AD) integration with cloud-based IAM roles. This enables students to monitor Cloud activities easily, connect to virtual private networks securely, and integrate on-premises services with cloud-based infrastructure.

Our students are working in Fortune 500 companies around the globe. You can join them too.

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Why should you study this course?
  • Dedicated mentoring sessions from faculty of industry experts
  • Self-paced learning
  • 2000+ hands-on projects
  • Become job-ready within 6-9 months
  • Be able to work anywhere in the world
  • Global job mobility
  • Industry-relevant skills and training
Skills you'll gain
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Science
  • Data Analysis
  • Web Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • System Operations
  • DevOps
  • Azure
  • Networking
  • Linux
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Storage
  • Scalability
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Infrastructure

Diploma in SysOps & Cloud Advancement (EduQual Level 4)

We're excited to guide you through this program and equip you for a successful career in SysOps & Cloud Computing. For more information about courses, prerequisites, and choices, refer to the official program documentation.

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Career Opportunities for this Track

Career Opportunities for SysOps and Cloud:

A career in SysOps and cloud management presents a diverse array of prospects, driven by the expanding adoption of cloud technologies and the crucial role of efficient infrastructure management in the digital realm.

Cloud Network Engineer

$90,000 per year

Average Salary

Cloud Automation Engineer

$110,000 per year

Average Salary

Cloud Architect

$135,000 per year

Average Salary

Source: Glassdoor, Indeed, and Sandiego.edu

Hear from our learners

SysOps & Cloud course exceeded my expectations. It covered the fundamentals and advanced topics thoroughly. A must for aspiring cloud professionals!
The course taught me how to manage and troubleshoot cloud infrastructures effectively. Practical exercises made it all the more engaging.
I'm impressed with the instructors' knowledge and their ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms. I feel confident in my SysOps skills now.
The hands-on labs and real-world projects in the SysOps & Cloud course were incredibly valuable. I now have the skills to excel in cloud management.

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Will this course help me become job-ready?

Absolutely! Our comprehensive course is designed to make you job-ready within just 6-9 months, provided you put in dedicated efforts.

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