Road Map to the Future

Embarking on the journey to a prosperous future is everyone's aspiration. At Al-Nafi, our leadership is deeply committed to illuminating the path for individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses. By enhancing skills with emerging technologies, our business model integrates our core values with the trends of tomorrow, preparing you to conquer the future.

With the milestone of over 300,000 enrolments achieved, our story of success is fueled by a profound belief in continuous learning. In a world that constantly reinvents itself, our mission statement is to offer inclusive and equitable lifelong education. Our state-of-the-art platform reflects our corporate culture, fostering a revolution of opportunities and ensuring a transformative talent journey.

Our course content is crafted with precision and exclusivity, reflecting our commitment to corporate social responsibility. We prioritise developing your skills, with each course designed to meet industry demands. Our labs, a significant part of our services, provide essential hands-on experience.


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Our Accreditations

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    ISACA Accreditation

    We are accredited by ISACA, the globally recognized Information Systems Audit and Control Association. This accreditation highlights our expertise in IT governance, cybersecurity, and risk management, ensuring that our services align with industry-leading standards.

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    EduQual Endorsement

    We hold endorsement from EduQual, a symbol of our dedication to maintaining excellence in education and training. EduQual"s stringent standards ensure that our programs meet the highest benchmarks, equipping our students with the skills they need for success in the ever-evolving job market.

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    EADL Accreditation (European Association for Distance Learning)

    Our accreditation from the European Association for Distance Learning (EADL) signifies our commitment to delivering high-quality distance learning experiences. We adhere to rigorous standards, providing flexible and effective learning opportunities to our students across Europe.

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    SBTE (Sindh Board of Technical Education)

    Collaboration: Al Nafi's active involvement in the SBTE Advisory Committee and the development of the Diploma in Cyber Defense and Offensive Security program, which has received approval from SBTE in Pakistan, exemplify our ability to adapt to the changing landscape of academia. This adaptability ensures that our programs remain pertinent and aligned with the evolving requirements of the industry.

Al-Nafi is committed to writing history and seeding the future, infusing the wisdom that transforms talent into collective greatness.

Our management team and dedicated professionals are tirelessly working to master competency and to dismantle barriers of it's not easy and it's not possible."

Empowering Nations

Our vision statement embodies a relentless strive to support students, professionals, organizations, and governments. The leadership team at Al-Nafi has made it their mission to positively impact our locations worldwide, fostering a brand story that resonates with empowerment and growth. Our team is continually working towards creating a more prosperous and educated world, a testament to our dedication to corporate social responsibility.

Leadership Team
Tariq Mahmood Ismail
Tariq Mahmood Ismail
(May Allah have mercy upon him)

Tariq Mahmood holds an MBA from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi, a renowned business school established in 1955 with technical support from the Wharton School and the University of Southern California. As a visiting faculty member at IBA and BCCI-FAST, he has taught BBA, MBA, and IT courses. Tariq has numerous certifications and trainings, including CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC, MBCI, CRMA, and various ISO standards. He has been conducting professional IT training since 1995, delivering over 2000 hours of presentations on these topics.

Muhammad Faisal
Muhammad Faisal

Muhammad Faisal, Founder, and CEO of AL Nafi has worked in UK, USA & Canada in the Federal and Private space within Cyber Security, Offensive Security, Internet of things (IoT).

Ishraque Ansari
Ishraque Ansari

Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Ishraque hails from the UK where he created successful start-ups in the field of Operations Management, Research & Development.

Dr. Asad Zaman
Dr. Asad Zaman
(Cofounder/HOD Social Sciences)

Prior to his retirement, Dr. Asad Zaman was serving as the Vice-Chancellor Of PIDE, Islamabad, and as an external member of The Monetary Policy Committee Of The State Bank Of Pakistan. He Received His BS in Math From MIT In 1974. He also has an MS in Stats and a Ph.D.

Bilal Shoukat Ali
Bilal Shoukat Ali
Manager of Directors

I am a results-driven Director at Al Nafi, a leading organization in the Emerging Technologies sector. With a proven track record of driving growth, fostering innovation, and ensuring operational excellence, I am committed to maximizing business performance and delivering exceptional results. In my role as a Director, I provide strategic leadership and direction, collaborating with cross-functional teams to develop and execute initiatives that align with our organizational goals. With a keen focus on identifying emerging market trends and opportunities, I guide the development and implementation of innovative strategies that propel our company forward. Through effective stakeholder engagement and fostering strong relationships, I continuously drive business development, expanding our client base and enhancing customer satisfaction.