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Embark on a transformative journey with Al Nafi, a distinguished provider of online EduQual UK endorsed diplomas in cutting-edge fields such as Cloud Cybersecurity, DevOps, SysOps, Artificial Intelligence, DevSysOps, and Artificial Intelligence Operations. Our expertise extends to specialisations in Blockchain and Offensive Security, offering hands-on learning experiences through job description training.

Why Partner with Al Nafi?

As we actively pursue partnerships with leading international universities and specialised organisations, we extend an invitation for you to delve into the exceptional benefits of joining forces with Al Nafi. Since our establishment in 2018, we have meticulously designed tailored courses focused on emerging technology subjects, captivating the attention of more than 300,000 learners worldwide, with students successfully placed in Fortune 500 companies.


Unlock Global Opportunities

Collaborating with Al Nafi opens doors to a vast pool of students eager to pursue higher education worldwide. Your institution can attract students from over 150 countries, each equipped with practical experience gained through our intensive diploma programs, including our exclusive internship program.

Prioritising Ethical Practices

At Al Nafi, ethical practices are at the forefront of our mission. We do not charge students for admissions or seek any commissions, ensuring a fair and transparent partnership model.

How to Partner with Al Nafi

Whether you represent an educational institute, organisation, or are an individual passionate about transforming education, we welcome you to explore collaboration opportunities. Reach out to us at [email protected] to initiate discussions on potential partnerships.


Articulation Agreement with Al Nafi

Al Nafi is delighted to offer a seamless academic pathway for students from our esteemed partner institutions. This articulation agreement ensures that students who have successfully completed specific qualifications at our partner institutions are eligible for direct entry or advanced standing in our Diploma programs.

Eligibility and Application Process

Candidates must meet the academic and language requirements as outlined by Al Nafi.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their application through the Google form along with the transcripts from our partner institutions for evaluation.


Our Commitment

We provide comprehensive support to facilitate your transition, including dedicated advising and access to our full range of student services.

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For more information and to start your application process, please contact our admissions team at [email protected]

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Joining forces with Al Nafi is a strategic move for your brand. Here's why

Build a Global Brand Presence

Access a vast network of learners spanning over 150 countries, showcasing your courses on an international stage.


A Competitive Edge: Attract students who are not just academically accomplished but also job-ready, giving your institution a competitive edge in the job market.

Attract Future Students Worldwide

Expand your reach by attracting students from around the globe, fostering a multicultural learning environment.

Unlock Digital Innovation in Education

Embrace the future of education, staying ahead of industry trends and being part of our dynamic online learning ecosystem.

Understanding UK and EU Qualifications with Equivalencies and Potential University Admissions in USA and Canada

Qualifications framework in the UK and EU, with corresponding equivalencies in the USA and Canada

UK and EU

The following table draws broad comparisons, rather than direct equivalencies, between a variety of different qualification frameworks in the UK and EU.

EduQual Qualifications Framework levelRQF/QCF/NQF levelScottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF) levelEuropean Qualification Framework (EQF) levelFramework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ)Examples of Qualifications
881288Doctoral degree
771177Masters degree:
EduQual Endorsed Postgraduate Diploma/ Certificate / Award
669/1066Bachelor's degree (Hons):
EduQual Endorsed Graduate Diploma/ Certificate / Award
55855Higher National Diploma:
EduQual Endorsed Advanced Professional Diploma/ Certificate / Award
44754Higher National Certificate:
EduQual Endorsed Professional Diploma/ Certificate / Award
3364n/aEduQual Endorsed Advanced Diploma/Certificate/Award
2253n/aEduQual Endorsed Intermediate Diploma/Certificate/Award
1142n/aEduQual Endorsed Foundation Diploma/Certificate/Award
entryentry 331n/aEduQual Endorsed Entry Diploma/Certificate/Award


EduQual qualifications also offer a pathway to further study at various universities around the world. The following table shows the potential admission level for EduQual diploma holders in the USA.

EduQual Qualifications Framework levelRQF/QCF/NQF levelPotential University Admission Level (USA)
88Admission into doctoral programs or advanced research-based programs
77Admission to master's degree programs or advanced standing in bachelor's programs
66Admission into university programs at the junior year or to bachelor's degree programs
55Potential for admission into some university programs at the sophomore level or into specific degree programs
44Admission into a university for freshman/sophomore coursework
33Entry-level or foundational courses at university
22Entry-level or foundational courses at university
11Generally, entry-level high school or equivalent

A credential evaluation service, like a NACES member or another reputable organisation, can provide detailed evaluations to help determine specific placement or equivalencies within the US education system for a learner.

A learner has to apply for a detailed evaluation or equivalency by contacting a NACES member agency directly. The agency will assist the learner with evaluation services.


EduQual Qualifications Framework levelRQF/QCF/NQF levelApproximate Equivalent in Canada
88Master's degree or Doctorate program
77Fourth year of a university degree program
66Third year of a university degree program
55Second year of a university degree program
44First year of a university degree program
33First year of a college program or foundation year at university
22Secondary school (high school)
11Secondary school (high school)

The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC) assists individuals in obtaining assessments for their educational, professional, and occupational credentials by guiding them to appropriate organisations.
 World Education Services(WES) , a non- profit social enterprise, is dedicated to supporting the educational, economic, and social inclusion of immigrants, refugees, and international students.

To initiate a detailed evaluation or equivalency, learners can directly contact CICIC or WES, both of which provide comprehensive evaluation services to support individuals in their educational and professional pursuits.

About EduQual
About EduQualAbout EduQual

Your Pathway to Excellence

EduQual is a UK awarding organisation that offers a range of qualifications that are recognized by regulatory authorities and aligned with the UK Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). EduQual qualifications are based on the EduQual Qualifications Framework, which consists of Diplomas, Awards, and Certificates following levels set by regulatory authorities. Al Nafi is proud to provide EduQual-endorsed Diplomas at EduQual Levels 3, 4, 5, and 6.

ISACA Partnership
ISACA PartnershipISACA Partnership

Elevating Educational Opportunities

ISACA is a global association that offers certification, education, research, and advocacy for professionals in the fields of information systems audit, governance, risk, and security. ISACA has partnered with Al Nafi to offer its certifications such as CISA, CISM, CRISC, and CGEIT. By enrolling in these programs, students will gain access to high-quality online courses, exam preparation materials, mentoring support, and discounts on exam fees. Learners will also benefit from the recognition and credibility that ISACA certifications bring to your career.

EADL Membership
EADL MembershipEADL Membership

Al Nafi's Commitment to Excellence

EADL is the European Association for Distance Learning, a non-profit organisation that promotes quality and innovation in online education across Europe. EADL represents the interests of distance learning providers and learners and supports the development of standards and best practices in the field. Al Nafi is an associate member of EADL, which means that it adheres to the EADL Code of Conduct and Quality Standards and participates in its activities and events. By partnering with Al Nafi, you will join a network of reputable online education providers that share a common vision and mission.