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Al Nafi Relief Program

In these times of immense uncertainty, your education is the only thing you can truly hold on to. Al Nafi’s Relief Program is about making education accessible to everyone who wishes for it. We are offering huge discounts on all our Courses & Tracks with the hope to make something good out of it. Join us live on the 23rd of September at 9 PM (PKT) in a Live Webinar where we will discuss career opportunities, Al Nafi Relief Program, and much more.

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Immigrate to UK

Do you want to immigrate to UK and earn six-figures? We realize your potential. Al Nafi is here to revolutionize through education. JOIN US LIVE ON 23rd July, 9 PM & secure your future.


Immigration Through Education

Al Nafi hosted an educational seminar on the 25th of June at Bahria Auditorium, Karachi. The theme of this seminar was ‘Immigration through Education. It was attended by over 800 guests, from both local and overseas. CIOs from some of the top companies in Pakistan attended this seminar and extended their support and vision for Al Nafi’s noble mission.


Empowering the World through Education

Al Nafi is on a mission to bring out your true potential in life. Join us live on Saturday, 6th August at 9 PM (PKT) as we pave your way to true excellence. We empower the World through Education.