Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions For Courses And Tracks

  • The tracks we are offering are based on one-off, yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, and monthly fee and access will be given for the same duration for which the fees has been made.
  • Users who paid one-off or yearly fees will get access to the full content of the course.
  • Users paid half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly fees will get access to the course content as per the drip schedule defined in our LMS.
  • The individual courses we are offering are only on a yearly fee basis and the user will get one year access to the content.
  • Renewal is not automatic and the user has to renew his access by himself, however, we will remind him/her before the date of their renewal.
  • Pakistani nationals residing in Pakistan will pay their fees in PKR
  • Other users will pay their fees in USD
  • You are a resident of a country where you spend at least 9 months in a calendar year.
  • A free trial of our demo courses is available for seven (7) days only.
  • If not converted into paid membership during the trial period, your access to the portal will be expired after 7 days.
  • No ID sharing is allowed as every member is provided with their unique ID. Certificates will only be issued to the respective member whose ID is registered for the course.
  • After registration Name and email address cannot be changed.
  • Once purchased, an individual course is not transferrable into any other course.
  • Any course or track etc we are selling on our website is not transferable to another person.
  • A certificate of completion will be issued by us for all the courses. This certificate is verifiable.
  • Guidance on what courses to select and which direction to take is a part of Career Guidance. It will be provided on a Monthly and Quarterly basis. Members are also directed to watch the recorded videos on our portal and YouTube channel.
  • Buying our Math Blocks will allow a given person to access Maths videos for a particular grade of his choice from Grade KG2 till Grade 8th for one year. Renewal will be required after one year.
  • Anyone who is caught violating our T&Cs by the Machine Learning Monitoring System will be banned for 12 months.

Terms and conditions for EduQual diplomas

  • There is no formal pre-requisite for learners who want to study Diploma in Cloud Cyber Security (EduQual Level 3).
  • The Diploma in Cloud Cyber Security (EduQual Level 3) is the pre-requisite for all EduQual Level 4 Diplomas namely Artificial Intelligence Advancement / SysOps and Cloud Advancement / DevOps and Cloud Advancement Learners.
  • Learners who are studying EduQual Level 3 and/or EduQual Level 4 diploma(s) will have to pay an examination fee as tabulated below.
  • DiplomaTotal (£)
    Diploma in Cloud Cyber Security (EduQual Level 3) 300*
    DevOps and Cloud Advancement (EduQual Level 4) 350*
    Diploma in SysOps and Cloud Advancement (EduQual Level 4) 350*
    Diploma in Artificial Intelligence Advancement (EduQual Level 4)350*

    Learners will be required to pay the amount that is equal to the value of GBP (Great British Pound), and they should consult the current currency conversion rate to determine the amount in their local currency.

  • New learners must pay all examination fees of that respective diploma as soon as they are enrolled. Learners who are currently studying any advancement track can apply for a respective diploma by paying the examination fee of that respective diploma.
  • Learners who successfully complete the EduQual Level 3 and/or Level 4 diplomas will be awarded a certificate by EduQual.
  • Learners must provide accurate and up-to-date information during the application process as that information will be shared with the EduQual for awarding a certificate.
  • Learners who paid full or yearly fees will get access to the full course contents of the diploma.
  • Learners who paid half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly fees will get access to the course contents of the diploma as per the drip schedule defined in our LMS.
  • All EduQual Level 3 and Level 4 diplomas will have content access for 12 months at most.
  • Learners are responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary technology and resources to participate in the diploma.

Assessments For EduQual Level 3 and EduQual Level 4 Diplomas

  • The learner must appear for the exam within 1 year after registration with EduQual. If they don't appear for the exam within 1 year they have to again submit the examination fees.
  • Learners enrolled in the EduQual level 4 Diploma may choose to take the EduQual level 3 Diploma exam, which is available as an option for all EduQual level 4 Diploma students.
  • Learners must submit all assessments and coursework on time and to the required standard as per the diploma.
  • Learners must follow the guidelines for academic integrity and avoid plagiarism or other forms of academic misconduct.
  • Learners must attend all required classes and complete all assessments and coursework on time.
  • Assessment Formats
    • ○ All customised courses in the diploma will include multiple-choice questions (MCQs) as part of the assessment.
    • ○ Some courses may also include coding assignments where applicable.
    • ○ The majority of courses will include oral presentations or interviews as part of the assessment.
    • ○ There will be a comprehensive exam covering the material from all courses in the diploma.
  • Assessment Guidelines
    • ○ Learners must follow the guidelines for each type of assessment as provided by Al Nafi in the specific assessment.
    • ○ Learners must complete all assessments honestly and to the best of their ability.
    • ○ Learners are responsible for ensuring that their work is original and not plagiarized from any other source.
  • Assessment Grading
    • ○ The grading system for each type of assessment will be clearly explained in the course materials.
    • ○ Learners will be provided with feedback on their assessments and opportunities for improvement.
    • ○ The final grade for each course will be based on a combination of assessments.
  • Oral Presentations/Interviews
    • ○ Learners will be assessed on their ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate subject knowledge during oral presentations or interviews.
    • ○ The format and guidelines for oral presentations or interviews will be provided in the LMS.
    • ○ Learners must prepare and rehearse their presentations or interviews to ensure they meet the required standard.
  • Coding Assignments
    • ○ Learners in courses that include coding assignments must demonstrate their ability to write code that meets the requirements of the assignment.
    • ○ The coding assignments will be assessed based on factors such as functionality, readability, and efficiency.
    • ○ Learners must adhere to coding best practices and avoid plagiarism.
  • Comprehensive Exam
    • ○ The comprehensive exam will cover material from all courses in the diploma.
    • ○ The format and guidelines for the comprehensive exam will be provided in the LMS.
    • ○ Learners must prepare and review all course materials in advance of the comprehensive exam.
  • Al Nafi reserves the right to investigate and take action in cases of academic misconduct, including plagiarism or cheating.
  • Learners who engage in academic misconduct may be subject to penalties, including a failing grade or expulsion from the diploma program.
  • Changes to Assessment Guidelines
    • ○ Al Nafi reserve the right to modify the assessment guidelines at any time.
    • ○ Learners will be notified of any changes to the assessment guidelines via email or other communication channels.
    • ○ Learners who do not agree to the modified assessment guidelines must inform support and may be subject to different assessment guidelines or cancellation of enrollment.

Terms & Conditions For Qarz E Hasna

  • Qarz E Hasana is only available for our Cloud Cyber Security Track (CCST) and Cloud Cyber Security Track For Women (CCSTFW)
  • Qarz E Hasana means an interest-free loan and paying in installments.
  • Qarz E Hasana is not Zakat, Sadaqat, Khairaat, Hadya, etc.
  • There are only two versions of Qarz e Hasana / Study Now-Pay Later:
  • Monthly Subscription, in which a drip schedule of content is given to students.
  • The monthly subscription fee is a minimum of Rs. 5,000 / USD 50
  • Full Subscription (will be granted to students for one year), in which they get instant access to complete content. The yearly subscription fee is a minimum of 60,000 Rs / USD 600
  • All Legacy students (who are paying less than Rs. 5000), who have not paid their dues (more or equal to 1 month) will only be allowed to pay their old fee and clear their dues till 31st January 2023. After this cut-off date, their admission will be canceled and they have to apply as new/fresh students.
  • All legacy students who have studied for continuous six months are encouraged to apply for field jobs, as they are now job-ready. After January 31, 2023, all students have to pay a bare minimum of Rs 5,000 / USD 50 per month to continue their education. For further clarifications, please contact our support team.
  • It is the responsibility of students to continue their monthly payment schedule, ONLY 7 days grace period is allowed to pay the legacy fee. After the grace period is expired, their old fee will lapse and they will have to pay a minimum of Rs 5,000 / USD 50.
  • The Students unable to pay the minimum fee can send their applications, stating their circumstances thoroughly, and any reasons, as to why they are unable to pay the fee and attach all relevant documents. Al Nafi reserves the right to approve/reject the application. Please send your applications to [email protected] & [email protected]
  • Interview preparation, Resume development, Internship facilities, and placement assistance (to get admission to a foreign university and/or job assistance) are not available to Qarz e Hasna Students. To avail of the above-mentioned services, students MUST Pay a minimum of 66% of the prevailing fee.
  • He/ She falls at the time of study within the age bracket of ten to seventy years.
  • He/ She is unable to pursue further studies due to financial constraints.
  • This facility is available to all without any discrimination.
  • This facility will cover only the tuition fee of the students and no other expenses will be covered/paid by Alnafi.com.
  • The maximum period in which the total shall be paid/refunded by the students is five years, starting from the date of completing the course(s) at alnafi.com
  • The students shall start repaying the loan in monthly installments or in full from the date he/she receives the first salary or one year from the date of completion of their track, whichever is earlier.
  • Al Nafi reserves the right to investigate the financial status of the student/parent from any source(s). If during the study period or after completing all the studies at Al Nafi, we come to know that the student/parent was able to pay for the fee of the course(s) he/she studied at Al Nafi and that the student/parent lied to us or misstated/hid the facts, Al Nafi will immediately terminate the student’s access to all courses and revoke the certificates (if issued) and will never give him/her any future access to our courses and include their name in the list of persons lied to us and publish on our website.
  • Students who already availed of the Loan option at Alnafi.com in the last/previous year(s) should not re-apply unless the previous loan amount has been fully refunded.
  • For further clarifications and guidance, the applicant(s) may contact the management of Alnafi.com using the emails provided on our website.

Terms And Conditions for Transferring from one track to another.

  • Transfer is only possible in our Advancement Tracks
  • You can only transfer your registration from a lower track to a higher track.
  • If you are registered in any advancement track and would like to transfer to another higher track the amount you have already paid for will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis.

Fee Structure for Transferring Into Cloud Cyber Security Track Track:

Example 1: (Resident Pakistani)

You have registered yourself in Cloud Cyber Security Track (CCST) 6 months ago on an annual basis, paid Rs 88,250 and now would like to transfer your registration into DevOps Advancement Track (DOAT)


Fees Already Paid Rs 88,250
Consumed 6 months alreadyRs -44,125
Remaining FeesRs 44,125
DOAT FeesRs 266,750
Less remaining feesRs -44,125
Total you have to payRs 222,625

Example 2: (Non Resident Pakistani & Other Nationalities)

You have registered yourself in Cloud Cyber Security Track (CCST) 6 months ago on an annual basis, paid US$ 895 and now would like to transfer your registration into DevOps Advancement Track (DOAT)


Fees Already Paid US$ 895
Consumed 6 months alreadyUS$ -447
Remaining FeesUS$ 448
DOAT FeesUS$ 1,965
Less remaining feesUS$ -448
Total you have to payUS$ 1,517

Terms And Conditions For Legacy CAT Students/ Subscribers

  • The Legacy subscribers are those who had the subscriptions before or on 4th March 2022.
  • After 4th March 2023 all legacy subscriptions will be considered expired.
  • Any subscriber who subscribed after 4th March 2022 will not be considered a Legacy Subscriber.
  • Legacy Subscribers will be charged with our old fee structure as long as they keep paying their subscription regularly.
  • Your access to your course/content will be discontinued on the last day of your subscription.
  • In order to get access to the old fee structure, you must renew your subscription within 7 days of your expiry.
  • Your access will be granted from the date you will renew your subscription till the original date of your subscription cycle (For example, if your monthly subscription cycle started on the 1st of any month. Upon renewal on any date of next month, you will be granted access till the 1st of Every Month.
  • In case of failure in renewing your subscription after 7 days, your subscription will be renewed according to the new fee structure.
  • In case you fail to renew your subscription due to genuine reasons, please feel free to write to us and your application will be given due consideration.

Terms And Conditions For Monthly Subscribers

  • The Monthly Subscribers are those who avail subscriptions on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly subscribers will get the content of the course as per the drip Schedule available on the portal.
  • Monthly subscribers will get access to Labs as per the schedule available on the portal which can be accessed through the following schedule.
  • The subscriber will get access to Al Nafi Consultancy services such as Internship opportunities, Interview Preparation, and CV development after payment of the 9th Month of their Subscription and upon completion of 60% of the course.

Terms & Conditions For Interview Preparation

  • Following Subscribers of Advancement Tracks are eligible to apply for this service:
    • Yearly Subscriber (Immediate Access – but have completed at least 3 months of their Track)
    • Monthly Subscriber (After 9 months of subscription)
    • Quarterly Subscriber (After 3 Quarters or 9 months of subscription)
    • Half Yearly Subscriber (After 2 Half yearly or 9 months of subscription)
  • You can only avail this facility twice during the entire duration of your subscribed track.
  • Kindly let us know 10 days prior to your actual interview to ensure hassle-free scheduling of the preparatory session.
  • For more details please visit https://alnafi.com/interview

Terms And Conditions For Internship/ Resume Development

  • Following Subscribers of Advancement Tracks are eligible to apply:
    • Yearly Subscriber (Immediate Access – but have completed at least 3 months of their Track)
    • Monthly Subscriber (After 9 months of subscription)
    • Quarterly Subscriber (After 3 Quarters or 9 months of subscription)
    • Half Yearly Subscriber (After 2 Half yearly or 9 months of subscription)
  • For more details please visit https://alnafi.com/internship

Refund Policy:

  1. We want you to be fully satisfied before purchasing any course or track on our website, that’s why we have seven (7) days trial completely free for all the courses and tracks available on our website.
  2. Generally, there is no refund available as we are offering a seven (7) days free trial for those who want to try and experience our content and portal.
  3. However, there may be some special grounds on which a user may require a refund, in that case, you need to contact [email protected]where your need to explain why you are eligible for a refund.
  4. We reserve the right to deny refund requests in cases where we believe the refund request is not genuine because of the following (including but not limited to)
    • A significant portion of the course has been consumed by the user.
    • Multiple refund requests have been initiated by the same user.
    • Users who have their account reported or banned and the access has been disabled due to violation of our terms and conditions.

Timeline for Hands-on Labs Access

  • The following is a detailed explanation of the lab access timeline for students of AL NAFI:
    • Vulnerability Assessment (VA) labs will be available to students after the fourth (4th) monthly payment.
    • Web Application labs will be available after the fifth (5th) monthly payment.
    • Web Security Testing Guide (WSTG) labs will be available after the sixth (6th) monthly payment.
    • Network Penetration Testing labs will be available after the seventh (7th) monthly payment.
    • Labs related to Advancement Tracks such as DevOps, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data will be available after the tenth (10th) monthly payment.
      • Hands-on labs, where applicable, will be accompanied by containers for students to practice the labs taught.
      • It's important to note that this access timeline is subject to change at the sole discretion of AL NAFI without prior notice.
      • In addition, students who have paid for an annual plan can apply for an internship immediately, while students on monthly plans can apply after three months of access or more.
      • All Cloud (AWS) custom labs that are part of any of our Advancement Tracks will be accessible after the tenth (10th) monthly payment is received.
  • NOTE:

    As of January 30th, 2022, students are no longer able to apply for the Resume Development service. Instead, students are encouraged to apply for an internship and use that opportunity to build their skills and experience in order to develop their own resumes. Exceptionally, students who have registered and purchased our tracks before January 30th, 2022, may apply for resume development service.

Terms & Conditions For Affiliate System

1. Eligibility:

To be eligible to participate in our affiliate program, you must be at least 18 years old and have a website, blog, or social media account with a significant following in a related niche.

2. Program Details:

Our affiliate program allows you to earn a commission by promoting our products or services to your audience. You will receive a unique affiliate link or code that you can share with your followers. When someone clicks on your link or uses your code to make a purchase, you will earn a commission.

3. Commission Structure:

Al Nafi will give commission of 08% flat on mature sales.

4. Tracking cookies for affiliate commissions:

To earn affiliate commissions, you need people to click through your link and buy a product from Al Nafi. There will be tracking cookies in place, so Al Nafi will be able to see that the sale originated from your link.

5. 30-day cookie duration in affiliate program:

In our affiliate program, this cookie will last for 30 days. So if a customer clicks your link and then ends up making a purchase the several days later, you’ll still get credited with the sale’

6. Real-time affiliate dashboard:

A dashboard for affiliates' where they can see their leads, conversions and commission earned in real time.

7. Leads button for affiliate contact details:

Through the Leads button, Affiliate will be able to see the contact details of user who has visited Al Nafi website through his affiliate link Affiliate can contact the user and pursue them to buy a product.

8. 7-day window for commission claims:

Affiliates will have 7 days’ time to convert lead into sales to claim their commission. After 7 days Al Nafi will distribute those leads to their internal sales team. If the lead converted into sale after 7 days the commission will equally be distributed among the affiliate and the internal sales team member to whom the lead has been assigned.

9. Redistribution of leads to sales team:

There If the lead converted into sale after 30 days then there will be no commission provided to the Affiliate.

10. No commission for sales after 30 days:

If those leads are not converted within 30 days then it would be transferred to sales team.

11. Weekly affiliate newsletter and live sessions:

Weekly newsletter for affiliates, should have details of anything new coming up, announcements, any upcoming event, articles, blogs etc. Live sessions for affiliates on bimonthly basis. (Yousuf Riaz). Also a space on our drive for the posts and adverts.

12. Exclusion of self-buy course commissions:

Commissions on self-buy courses (A salesman / woman buying CAT or other course for himself / herself) will not be given to affiliate.

13. Payment:

We will pay out commissions on a monthly basis. The minimum payout threshold is PKR 5000 (USD 50 for overseas affiliates). If your commission earnings are below PKR 5000 (USD 50 for overseas affiliates) for a given month, your earnings will be rolled over to the following month.

14. Payment Terms and Taxation Policies for Services

All payments are exclusive of any withholding tax and any service tax, VAT, Sales Tax and/or any other applicable taxes levied by the government or appropriate authority on the Services from time to time, which shall be charged / deducted in addition if applicable. We reserve to right to deduct/ claw back for any sale return from affiliate's future payouts.

15. Termination:

We reserve the right to terminate your participation in our affiliate program at any time and for any reason, without prior notice. You may also terminate your participation in the program at any time by notifying us in writing.

16. Prohibited Activities:

You may not engage in any activity that may be considered fraudulent, deceptive, or harmful to our brand. This includes, but is not limited to, using unethical marketing tactics, spamming, or engaging in any illegal activities.

17. Intellectual Property:

You may use our logos, trademarks, and other intellectual property only for the purpose of promoting our products or services. You may not modify or alter any of our intellectual property in any way.

18. Indemnification:

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold us harmless from any claims, damages, or losses arising out of your participation in our affiliate program or your breach of these terms and conditions.

19. Governing Law:

These terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the Governing law and jurisdiction is "Islamic Republic of Pakistan"

20. Modification:

We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice. Any modifications will be effective immediately upon posting on our website.

21. Digital Agreement and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

This agreement and T&Cs will be signed digitally at the time of registering by the affiliate. you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Detailed Drip Schedule for Courses and Labs

Link of pdf document

Drip Schedule File


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