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We have a team of 25+ skilled and professional Instructors

Mohammad Faisal
Mohammad Faisal
Founder, CIO & Trainer
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Muhammad Faisal, Founder and CEO of AL Nafi, is a renowned cybersecurity expert with 18+ years of experience in the UK, USA, and Canada. Holding prestigious positions and degrees from Stanford, MIT, and other esteemed institutions, he is a subject matter expert in Cyber Security, Offensive Security, and Digital Forensics. With a focus on STEM education, Muhammad Faisal offers courses, personalized mentorship, and interactive learning. His expertise, qualifications, and teaching philosophy have earned him recognition and collaborations with leading organizations. Student testimonials reflect the impact of his guidance and support.

Kazim Shaikh
Kazim Shaikh
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He is a passionate and dedicated Information Technology professional who has started his career as Solaris/Unix Admin since 2009. He has spent more than twelve years providing pragmatic Information Technology & holds a Leadership role of Assistant Vice President of IT Infrastructure at major organisations.

 Abde Ali Dodia
Abde Ali Dodia
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He is a Goal Oriented and result-driven I.T. professional who has started his career as Linux Administrator /Bash Scripter / Python Automation in MNC. He holds a record number of appreciations and accolades within a short period of time for providing Automation Tools and Applications to ease out Business Operations. Since 2013 his entire skill development techniques gradually grew on scripting languages like Python Shell as such which gives a boost to Automation tools along with Ansible which is the key area he performs and save’s hours in redacting human hours and errors performing task.

Hammad Siddiqui
Hammad Siddiqui
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Hammad Siddiqui is a Global LinkedIn Coach and Consultant based in Canada. For the past 10 years, he has been empowering Businesses and LinkedIn users with his Coaching programs and LinkedIn revamping/ optimization services. He transformed hundreds of clients into Power Users to grow their LinkedIn network, increase visibility, build a professional brand, find job opportunities and generate business leads as freelancers. His LinkedIn course is strategically designed. You will learn to make a Google Friendly and searchable LinkedIn profile to target desired industry through keywords, ultimately optimizing your LinkedIn as an Opportunity Magnet! This Course is specifically developed for Al Nafi students.

Dr. Asad Zaman
Dr. Asad Zaman
Trainer / Founder of Economics & Social Sciences Camp
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Prior to his retirement, Dr. Asad Zaman was serving as the Vice-Chancellor Of PIDE, Islamabad, and as an external member of The Monetary Policy Committee Of The State Bank Of Pakistan. He Received His BS in Math From MIT In 1974. He also has an MS in Stats and a Ph.D.