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Al Nafi has been providing professional and hands-on training in cutting edge technologies such as Cloud Computing, DevOps, SysOps, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain. Our mission is to train the world’s youth in emerging technologies, and be able to launch six-figure careers. We have trained well over 100,000 students globally in these Emerging Technologies.


The World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report 2023 highlights the following key points regarding jobs being wiped out, the need for workforce reskilling, and the importance of artificial intelligence:

Jobs being wiped out

Jobs being wiped out

The report estimates that 85 million jobs worldwide could be displaced by automation and artificial intelligence (AI) by 2025.

Need for workforce reskilling

Need for workforce reskilling

The report emphasizes the urgent need to reskill the workforce to prepare for the jobs of the future. It estimates that by 2025, 50% of all workers will need reskilling.

Importance of artificial intelligence

Importance of artificial intelligence

The report recognizes that AI is a powerful technology that has the potential to create new jobs and improve our lives. However, it also warns that AI could lead to job displacement and social unrest if it is not managed carefully.

Why should students Study these Courses?


The earning opportunities in these domains are endless and possess high potential.


The earning opportunities in these domains are endless and possess high potential.


Millions of remote jobs are available.


Our Diplomas are endorsed by EduQual UK, which means they are globally recognized by employers & universities.


There are no prerequisites for these courses, as we teach everything starting from grounds-up.

100K+ Enrollments

Our students are working in leading fortune 500 firms all over the world


Our Accreditations & Endorsements


Study Now, Pay Later Al Nafi’s vision to educate 1 million students all over the world

We have introduced an Easy Study Program which will allow our students to study UK endorsed diplomas at an extremely affordable rate.

Here’s what students will get

Recorded Course Lectures Internship Program Hands-on Labs Resume Development Quizzes and Notes Live classes with Trainers Access to Cloud Labs Access to Student Community & Forums

Study our Diplomas and become job-ready in 5-6 months.

Key Features

  • Monthly video lectures access
  • Live Classes with trainers
  • Hands-on Labs

If you have any questions or queries, fill out this form, and one of our Program Advisors will reach out to you shortly.

Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. Only New students are eligible for Easy Study Programs
  2. 2. Easy Study Programs only available for following diplomas
  3. Diploma in Cloud Cyber Security (DCCS)
  4. Diploma in DevOps & Cloud Advancement
  5. Diploma in SysOps & Cloud Advancement
  6. Diploma in Artificial Intelligence Advancement
  7. 3. Exiting students cannot avail this program.
  8. 4. Students will get following listed items in this Easy Study Program
  9. Recorded Lectures
  10. Hand-on Labs
  11.  Live Classes
  12. 5. Easy Study Program means an interest-free loan and paying in installment as per terms & conditions.
  13. 6. The Easy Study Program is not Zakat, Sadaqat, Khairaat, Hadya, etc.
  14. 7. Monthly Subscription, in which a drip schedule of content is given to students.
  15. 8. The monthly subscription fee is a minimum of 25
  16. 9. Full Subscription (will be granted to students for one year), in which they get instant access to complete content. The yearly subscription fee will be according to the respective diploma program.
  17. 10. It is the responsibility of students to continue their monthly payment schedule, ONLY 7 days grace period is allowed to pay the fee.
  18. 11. Students who completed the Diploma are eligible for the EduQual Exam. Students must pay Exam Fee separately as per respective diploma.
  19. 12. Interview preparation, Resume development, Internship facilities, and placement assistance (to get admission to a foreign university and/or job assistance) are not available to Easy Study Programs Students. To avail of the above-mentioned services, students MUST convert them into regular Al Nafi program.
  20. 13. This facility is available to all without any discrimination.
  21. 14. This facility will cover only the tuition fee of the students and no other expenses will be covered/paid by
  22. 15. The remaining amount shall be paid/refunded by the student within one year of the job starting date.
  23. 16. For further clarifications and guidance, the applicant(s) may contact the management of using the emails provided on our website.