Where is your office located?
The office is registered in Karachi, Pakistan under Mohammad Faisal’s house. Since we are teaching online, we do not need a physical office. Down the line we intend to open an office soon inshAllah
where is your institute located?
All the courses are delivered online through Edx.org portal for which we only pay your fees and provide Urdu lectures where applicable through our YouTube channel. We intend to open an institute down the line. However for now there is no need as we will always use an online medium for teaching.
In which course should I register?
Once you become a member and complete the process by completing your payment, we will then start the registration and walkthrough process. Once we assess you in your qualifications, then you can start the course as we will then ensure how to start studying further.
When will the class started?
The classes starts on rotating schedule. You have to contact us for a specific course as then we will provide you a walkthrough on how to start the classes. Please contact us on info@alnafi.com for more information.
Will you provide lectures in Urdu?
For select courses we will provide you Urdu lectures through our YouTube channel. Please contact us on info@alnafi.com for more information.
How many time will it take to complete the course?
Depending on what courses you select will determine your completion time. Some courses can be completed in 1 year, others can last for 2-3 years. Please contact us oninfo@alnafi.com for more information.
Is there any time limit for completion the course?
There is no time limit to complete the course. However once you start a course module then you have 2-3 weeks to show your performance. If you perform well, then we pay your fee on third week. You have to share your login details, so that we can login and pay your fees for a given module of a course.
May we start two course simultaneously?
You can only start one given course for which we will pay. You are welcome to register for more courses, however we will only pay for one course at a time. We also recommend that you do one course at a time.
May we choose any course from EDX?
Yes you are free to choose any course as per your ambitions and objectives. If you want our recommendations, then we will recommend you those courses that can land you on a given job as fast as possible.
How to be our member?
  • Please click on the URL https://alnafi.com/members/
  • Please fill in the membership form
  • Please make a payment as per your desired option
  • Once the payment is completed, please send us your receipt via whats app on +92345-2494147 or via email on payment@alnafi.com
  • Please give us 2-3 working days to reconcile the payment as we will then get back to you with the next steps
How will you take the exams?
The exams will be taken by Edx.org given university. We have no part in assisting you for those exams. You appear for those exams while sitting in front of a computer.
How can we perform the lab or practical work?
All labs and practical work will be through the edx.org portal. We are also in the process of creating a virtual lab portal for you so that you can practice for additional testing and learning down the line.
Is the degree or certificate is verified?
The degrees and certificates are given by the universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford and many more. All of them are completely verifiable through edx.org portal which is maintained by Harvard and MIT.
How can we receive the degree, by post or Al-Nafi will deliver?
You will receive it via email a soft copy by the University of a Given Course you attended directly. We will assist you in getting a good physical copy as well.
What is the relationship between Angraze.com and Alnafi.com?
Angraze.com is the e-commerce wing of Alnafi.com and is the subsidiary of Alnafi. 50% of profits from Angraze.com are invested back into the pool of funds for Alnafi.com.
How much does a Nafi member pays and how much Alnafi pays on our behalf?
Alnafi member pays an annual fee of Rs 2,500 which is the fee for those who are residing in Pakistan. We pay up to Rs 50,000 – Rs 150,000 on your behalf once you complete the course. There are no string attached. The only thing we state is that please spread the word to other students or do some shopping through Angraze.com portal so that we can sustain this project inshAllah.

Nafi Membership fees terms and conditions

Every member pays a fee of Rs 2,500 annually. The payment will be due on the Nafi membership anniversary date. The membership fee is refundable in the first month of starting the course. If a given member is not satisfied with the service, then he/she can claim the membership fee in full.
When a person becomes a member by Paying Rs 2,500, which is an annual fee. Al Nafi provides the following services presently which is part of our education project:
  • Providing guidance in what courses to select and which direction to take, which is part of career guidance.
  • A student MUST become a member before starting a given course if they want us to pay their fee.
  • Al Nafi will pay the student fee on the 4th week, once he/she shows that they can pass a Micro Masters Module or Professional Certificate course. This certificate acts as a valid proof to ensure that a Nafi member was able to pass the course. Which they can use for a potential job or applying for university credit down the line.
  • Al Nafi will only pay the fee for one course at a time, and that course MUST and be completed before proceeding to the next one.
  • Nafi member MUST inform us what course they are taking which can only be either a Micro Masters or Professional certificate only.
  • Al Nafi will not pay for short courses.
  • Al Nafi can only recommend courses in the emerging sector’s as that’s where most of the jobs are being created. Our goal is to create jobs within and outside Pakistan for our Nafi members. For which we are aggressively working on creating a path for our members.
  • All other training as they relate to Python, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, and other emerging subjects will be provided by Al Nafi YouTube channel.
  • For our own courses that we will teach via YouTube and Facebook, a certificate will be issued from Al Nafi stating that they completed the courses with us.
  • It is mandated that all students who complete our online courses should pursue Micro Masters and professional certificates from the likes of Harvard, MIT, Stanford and other top universities as soon as they have finished1 year course with us.
  • We will be assisting in Urdu to all of our Nafi Members who complete the one year program with us to pursue Micro Masters and Professional certificates in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep learning, IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and other emerging technologies. For which we will ensure that all Nafi members complete their programs inshAllah.
  • Nafi Member pursuing Professional and Micro Masters directly

  • Once a Nafi member decides which tracks they want to continue, they must inform us first and complete our registration process where necessary identification process is completed. This is the process, which ensures that we are able to pay for their fees in a fair manner.
  • A Nafi Member Must inform us what course they are starting and on what date.
  • A Nafi Member must update us after three weeks of progress by providing us with their username and password. We need their username and password to pay for their fee. This is presently the only way we pay a given fee for a Nafi Member. Down the line, we will create a portal where Nafi members can simply insert their details and we will pay the fee directly to Edx. However, we are not there yet.
  • A Nafi member pursuing a given Micro Masters or Professional Certificate can only choose one program at a time. It can be either a Micro Masters or a Professional Certificate, not both.
  • A Nafi member MUST complete the program within the prescribed date of ending for a given module. For example, if a module of a given Micro Masters or Professional Certificate is for 12 weeks then they can complete the module within 8 weeks or 10 weeks. But the member MUST wait until they start the next module once the prescribed date lapses. We will pay as per the prescribed date of start and end for a given module.
  • A Nafi member can only pursue 4 modules of a given Micro Masters or Professional certificate that we will pay for in a given year. They can on their own choice to do as many modules of a given course as they like. However, we will only pay for 4 modules of a given Micro Masters or Professional Certificate in a given year.
  • Nafi members are requested to review our website angraze.com which is an e-commerce portal where we import clothing, electronics, and other merchandise directly from North America and Europe. Please review our website and if you like anything, then please buy it from us. 50% of our profits are invested into our education project as that is how we are sustaining the education project and will down the line invest in renewable energy, well being and healthcare projects inshAllah.
  • A Nafi member is requested to spread the word to at least 50 people whom if willing to study can become Nafi members. This is one of the ways we can sustain this project, as we want this to be a national movement where we have enough members to achieve our other social goals.
  • After passing a given course a Nafi member MUST make a short video answering the following questions:
    • What is their background? (Explain what they do presently)
    • How did they found us? (Through Facebook or word of mouth)
    • Who recommended them the course? (Was it Brother Mohammad Faisal or any other teacher)
    • When they started the course? (The course start date and end date)
    • When Al Nafi paid the fees how fluid was the payment process?
    • Showing their certificate in their hands? (Please stand with your certificate in your hand and talk about how content you are)
    • Their motivation on what they intend to do next? (Like what course they will select next)
    • What do they recommend to other students on what they should do if they want to move further in life by joining Al Nafi?
    • What do you think about Al Nafi’s vision where they want to make education, well-being and renewable energy free in Pakistan for its members?

In good faith

Since we are doing this project to empower people, we do request that our students spread the name far and wide. We want this project to be successful. The success of this project is directly connected to our other key projects like wellbeing, healthcare, renewable energy, next-gen farms, and various key projects.

How to attend classes

All Al Nafi members are invited to attend our courses, which we will deliver via our YouTube channel. We will also have a live session every week on Sunday live from Canada, which all students can attend at 3pm Pakistan time on Facebook via the following link Facebook Page For classes session please follow our YouTube channel via the following link: Youtube Channel