Al Nafi's Money-Back Guarantee Program

Empowering Your Educational Path with Integrity and Excellence

Our Commitment to Integrity and Excellence

At Al Nafi, we're inspired by the profound Islamic principles of honesty and justice, which guide our every action. We believe in integrating these timeless values into the fabric of our business, ensuring that every transaction and interaction with our community is rooted in integrity. Our approach is holistic, covering not just our educational programs, but also how we conduct ourselves in the wider world of commerce and society.

Eligibility for Money-Back Guarantee

Qualifying Programs Annual Subscription Requirements

Participation in select diploma programs.

Included Programs

  • Diploma in DevSysOps at RQF Level 5

  • Diploma in AIOps at RQF Level 6

  • Specialized combinations, such as a Diploma in DevSysOps + [Specialization] or Diploma in AIOps + [Specialization], encompassing areas like Offensive Security, Blockchain, SCADA, and more.

Key Completion Requirements

  • Minimum Course Completion: Achieve an 85% completion rate within the standard 12-month.
  • LinkedIn Learning: Attendance in at least 10 LinkedIn Live classes within the first year.
  • EduQual Exam Compliance: Payment within first month of registration and successful completion of the EduQual exam within 12 months.
  • Communication Skills Development: Enrollment and active participation in the Communication course, ideally within the first month.
  • Practical Application via Labs: Completing and submitting at least 100 business lab exercises.
  • Digital Engagement: Write and publish a minimum of 24 LinkedIn articles about your educational journey.
  • Building Your Digital Presence: Creation of a comprehensive digital portfolio on GitHub, demonstrating your skills through a minimum of 100 articles, your code of labs, and other projects.
  • In case the student cannot find a job within 6 months of completion of all requirements of the MBG program, the student must inform AlNafi who will then make efforts for job placement of the student.
What will be Refunded

To check the detailed Terms & Conditions of Al Nafi, please click here

EduQual fee of 250 GBP is non-refundable

Taxes and payment service charges are non-refundable

Sales agent commission (5% of sale) is non-refundable

The remaining amount is fully refundable

Al Razzak Job Hunting and Assistance Program

A unique opportunity for students who meet criteria within an 18-month enrollment period. Check out our Al Razzaq Program to learn about these opportunities in detail

Career Advancement with Al Nafi

Your Path to Employment

Dedicated Support

We endeavor to provide all possible assistance to secure suitable employment for our graduates. This includes a range of opportunities, from freelance to full-time positions, locally or internationally.

Resume and Interview Preparation

resumes and preparing for job interviews, ensuring you're ready to impress potential employers.

Background Checks and Visa Consultancy

Our team conducts thorough background checks and provides expert visa consultancy services, making your journey to employment smoother and more assured.

Management's Role in Guaranteeing Your Success

Our management team takes a hands-on approach in assessing each student's eligibility for the Money Back Guarantee. We consider various factors such as course progress, class participation, and the quality of lab submissions. We are committed to ensuring that every student receives a fair evaluation and the support they need to succeed.

Students enrolling in RQF Level 6 diplomas enjoy an additional six months of access, extending a 12-month subscription to 18 months. Affiliate Earnings: Join our Affiliate Program and earn 5% on successful referrals.